Your Stalker Guide

My name is Max Pavlas (Prizrak is my nickname among Stalkers) and I offer you my services as your private guide in the Zone. My first exploration in the Zone was illegal. To plan such a trip I had to read tons of materials, study countless maps and watch hours of videos and satellite pictures. Naturally, I end up in forums and places dedicated to urbex and postapocalyptic theme. Since then, I become a big enthusiast of these subcultures and I become a friend of similarly enthusiastic people. Stalker, Metro 2033, Mad Max, Fallout, Resident Evil are among my very favourite movies, books or games. The isolated and wasted atmosphere in the mentioned artworks probably started my passion and curiosity about Chernobyl catastrophe and I wanted to know more and see what really happened with my bare eyes. Therefore, I decided to do my own legal trips for those who would like to become something between Stalker and Tourist. A small group of adventurers legally wandering around the Zone. You can read my full story in:

Stalker's Journal.