• Prizrak

The Story of Prizrak

You may be wondering what or who is Prizrak? Prizrak means Ghost in Ukrainian language. My real name is Maxmilian Pavlas and Prizrak is a nickname I was given, as I have never been caught during my illegal explorations inside the Zone.

I planned my first visit into the Zone the illegal way. It took me almost a year to assemble and find a suitable crew, to plan the route and to prepare for all possible risks. The result was: three days of sneaking in high grass, running away from dogs, hiding and waiting until the military patrols leave, running out of supplies and fighting all kinds of cheeki breekies. It was incredible experience and feeling. And it was probably the time, I fell in love with the Zone. Completely isolated from outside world and being chased kept me more alive then ever. I truly felt like the last human living in this world fighting for his survival.

After my returning I shared my adventure with friends and I realised that I am not the only one who is curious about the Chernobyl and Pripyat. However, not everybody is willing to break the laws and eat risk for breakfast (lunch and dinner as well!) just to see the ghost city of Pripyat and wasted zone. Personally, I neither enjoy breaking laws but it was the only way how to experience complete freedom in the Zone.

Later, I decided to visit the Zone with a tour agency but I did not find the feel I was seeking. I felt like a tourist with the camera hanging from my neck and sitting in a full bus. The plan was already set up and we visited places where everybody was and saw it from the same perspective. It was great trip but I felt like watching soviet documentary about Chernobyl catastrophe. Everything was fine and under control... However, the tiny and invisible yet the most interesting bits were missing. Therefore, I decided to do my own legal trips for those who would like to become something between Stalker and Tourist. Small group of adventurers legally wandering around the Zone.

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